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02-18-2010, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by God-Emperor

incidentally, to cheer you up, at the end of the beta there was an event where Klingons invaded Federation space. the first Klingon to get there beamed down to earth, stealthed, and bought a federation galaxy-class starship from the vendor. then he beamed out and headed back to Q'onos space with his stolen Federation craft.

It was glorious.
Ha! I remember that. I was playing my Fed who was Rear Admiral 3 at the end of Open Beta, but I thought the event was pretty fun... except for the HORDES of Fed noobs spawn camping all the Klingons and making life miserable for them. Defending Sector 001 from the Borg was pretty fun though.

The thing about the Klingons is that they were literally an afterthought. The original intent was for the game to be Fed only at launch, but due to player outcry they made Klingons playable too, but because of limited developement time they had a lot less time to build content for them. At the time they brought this up and the concensus in the player base was that they would rather have half finished Klingons then none at all. I think it was a good call personally since I love my Klingon Captain. Even though I wish there was more PvE content I'm not really complaining since I enjoy the PvP. If I want to PvE I just play on Fed side.