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02-18-2010, 07:36 PM
Klingons are anything but polished, there is room for two more sector blocks below our main sector block...perhaps we could add a story revolving a new faction starting invading our galaxy from the edge of Klingon space? Also, Klingon beaming still is blue....I have been whining about this for weeks and its been an issue for months. Why in gods name dont they fix such a simple thing that would make Klingons feel more Klingon and add a small bit of much needed polish? Also, the Raptor is underpowered...I love the Quorgh but it explodes way too easily and I have to stick wiith my K'tinga to be effective. Also, those klingon exploration clusters better be coming beginning to go insane doing cracked planet and solar wind over and over and over again.