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02-18-2010, 07:36 PM
An update for anyone having problems with the interact window command....if you map that command to the start button, it will work, even if the prompt comes up on the side of the screen during combat. One press will bring it to the center of the screen and another will activate it. Usually pressing the "A" button will work to loot each individual item once you have the loot window open. And to those who suggested using the mouse to loot, you're missing the point entirely.

Another annoying thing is the inability to move successfully with the joystick in crowded places like starbases or memory alpha or even ground fleet actions like Breaking the Planet. Having to switch back to mouse and keyboard for that mission is extremely annoying and does much to hamper my enjoyment of the ground combat. Any breakthroughs on this issue will be tremendously appreciated.

Also, has anyone figured out how to roll in any direction other than forward using the controller?

And Raymond, I see on your layout, you have power settings mapped as alt presses on your d-pad. I could not find those commands in the keybind menu, how did you find them? FYI, I'm using the chat commands to map my layout, don't have X-Padder or anything like that.

Also, in case anyone is interested, you can also map emotes to the controller. In place of whatever command you would usually input (usetrayslot0 0, etc) you just put in what you would normally type for the emote minus the slash. ie (/bind ltrigger+joypad_down emote facepalm)