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02-18-2010, 08:44 PM
Aye, I agree with the OP. This mission and ones like it, really need some kind of allowance for an 'alternate path.' It's just a big part of Star Trek, IMO, to be able to find a morally acceptable solution (or not, but to have the CHOICE), to sticky situations like this. That would make this game a lot better, in my own eyes, and a lot 'truer' to Trek, also in my own eyes.

I realize that this is something that may require the implementation of new systems to allow for a branch point, but I have to say -- please, PLEASE consider putting the time into creating such a system. I understand that this multiplies the work needed for an arc, but we don't need a whole tree of options, really -- just having a single alternate for missions like this would add a great deal. As for 'wasting' content because people only see one of the two endings -- isn't that what alts are for? I myself have played through the same missions already multiple times. Trust me, the alternate paths will not go to waste!

I see it as a hope for the future, but I sure hope you give it some real consideration.