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1. You are apparently overextended from your success
2. All other big MMOGs have vital moddings communities too

In detail

1. seems so you "accidently" made a great MMOG, number 2 after WoW. And that's your problem. Your unexpected great success does simply overextend you. For e.g. the fact you still didn't change market sorting from date to price sorting although players desperatly begged for this shows clearly how overextended you are.
Same with all the other UI- and control-requests, you ignore them because too much other things to do and this will stay for months.
Simple solution: Let the community do the job, move the UI files from the server to the client and we will solve all problems and fulfil all wishes with our power.

2. WoW, EQ2, Vanguard, *** and all the other big MMOGs have great modding communities too, it's simply state of the art for a big MMOG like STO to have UI-modding. You can be sure that this demand will come over and over and over again so please don't block it. STO will be your Gold-Ass if you do it right and doing it right means allow UI-modding.