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02-18-2010, 08:34 PM
I only have one big time request other than the usual bug fixes that I assume are in the pipeline.


Implement a death penalty and/or life bonus along the following lines:

For death penalties, reduce available power levels and maneuverability for a period of time, to simulate what usually happens when a ship gets messed up in Star Trek. Like, drop ship power to 50% of normal or something like that for a few minutes. Or you can't use your torpedo launchers for a while. Or maybe one of your bridge officers can get injured and you can't use their abilities until they get back from sickbay, so you'd either have to switch them out or just deal. Or have one of the consoles blow up in a shower of sparks (just have some sparks fly from the icon at the bottom of the screen) and make it inoperable for a few minutes.

For fun, randomize it a bit. Some deaths you lose systems/power, others you get an injured officer, etc. Also, make it stack, so if you keep zerging and dying you lose more and more systems.

Also, consider a bonus for completing a mission without dying. Perhaps increasing credit/xp/merit rewards by 5% for a mission you complete all the way through without dying.