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02-18-2010, 11:44 PM
Originally Posted by XedoeSR View Post
It has been how long since launch? You sir need to step back and realize many of us dont play this game as much as others. I myself as I write this am about to exit the T4 bracket, so you will get at least one more klink in T5 this weekend. If nothing else, roll a klink yourself and get to at least T3 to see how lopsided the PvP is in Fed favor as far as numbers go. It really starts getting one sided in T4 though. I cannot tell you how many matchs ive done where its been at least 5v1. Mostly though it is 5v4 fed favor. Alot of these though us klinks win simply because we are forced to know how to PvP seeing it is this or those mini-quests where they have you goto one of two places per tier for grinding. That gets old very fast, but I usually just do that till the XP gets cut or I get the proper gear to go PvP with. Not all of it mind you, just the important parts. I fill out the rest with PvP and upon exiting to the next tier I have more than enough gear, and the extras I put on the exchange at a cheap price for other klinks to buy.
You know for a while, I almost believed that it was because klingons "Where forced to learn how to PvP"...
Lately now that there's hardly any klingons actually playing at T5, I've had a few games where we sat and dueled 1v1 vs the random klingon and just chatted for the duration of the match.

The one that stood out the most was a General that didn't know you could transfer energy to other shield facings.

The only thing that klingons as a whole have been forced to learn, is how to cloak and focus gank. Actually learning to pvp? Well, I won't say that people don't learn it, but it's more like most only learned one strat, not how to actually play outside of it.