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02-19-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by GOOSEBUMP View Post
I keep getting spam in Zone about "it's an OP thing", "K space is OP", etc wtf are they talking about?
Perception is a big part of it. I will try to explain.

Teir 1: Both sides are reletively balanced in our newbie ships. A weak team mainly comes from inexperience at this point.

Teir 2: Fed side obtains their holy trinity of ships, Escort, Cruiser, Science (DPS, Tank, Support). They have great synergy when they stick together. Klingons on the other hand do not have this. We only have two types of fragile DPS ships. So, at this stage of the game, the Feds have a very large advantage. Careful use of cloaking and coordination of your team is your only chance of winning. Even then, it is often not enough. Many Klingon players lose the drive to win and just suicide again and again just to get it over with.

Teir 3: Klingons finally obtain Battlecruisers (tank). We still do not have our holy trinity, but it is an improvement. The addition of Battlecruisers evens the game a lot, and Klingons have a much better chance of winning a game. This is where Feds really start complaining. They went from easy wins in T2, to T3 where klingons can win quite a bit more. Klingons are seemingly WAY stronger, therefore they cry that Klingons are "OP".

Teir 4: Same as T3, we still do not have our holy trinity to match theirs, but the Feds are a bit more used to fighting Battlecruisers. This is also where the really cheap science powers start to show up, and are heavily abused by the Fed Science ships. Klingons have a very good chance of winning a game, but Feds realistically still have a solid advantage.

Teir 5: At long last, Klingons obtain their holy trinity of ships. BoP/Raptor (DPS), Battlecruiser (Tank), Carrier (support). We are finally able to fight the feds on even ground, and we have a ship capable of abusing science powers as well as they can. HOWEVER, balance shifts into our favor quite a bit, due to player skill level. By this point, all Klingon players have done a TON of PvP, and we are very good at it. Our characters and ships are built specifically for PvP. Feds at this teir however get a big flood of new PvPers. All those people who leveled up through PvE content are now jumping into the PvP game. These people seriously lack in skill and their PvE setups are poor. It is very easy to tell when I fight a fed who is new to PvP. They are very quick and easy kills.

And so, to answer your question, that is how Klingons are "OP" in space. We really arent OP, the feds are just used to fighting us at the lower levels where we are lacking vital ships. It is only at T5, where we can truely take on the feds with the same stuff they have.