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02-19-2010, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by Dalkim
To those that have not played an MMO release before - patches are constant in the first couple of months, They are already slowing down and not doing them every single day as happened right at the beginning. Every game, including WoW and EQ and Age of Conan and Warhammer and (insert MMO here) did this. They patch to the least impact. Unfortunatly, this means that Australia gets hammered, sometimes Europe, sometimes Asia (for American based MMOs, I have no idea about patch schedules on the Asia MMO front). WoW has been patching on Tuesdays (mostly every other these days) during someone's prime time for 5 years, and there's complaints about give me free time, give me in game rewards and give me a pony every single patch day, yet nothing ever changes, other than they'll give a free day if a patch takes a super extended time to your billing cycle, but is rare and sure didn't happen at first. They'll settle on a day (looks like Thursday for now), and a time eventually, but for now, just expect it will be patching, and when it's not, you aren't disappointed and you won't have to cancel for silly reasons.

To those that have played any MMO with more than a few hundred subs at release - you know better, knock it off.

To those that still won't put a cork in it - Please post vids of judge reactions to class action lawsuits, bank reactions to demands to be refunded and game designer reactions to sit ins when you don't get your way. They are comedy gold.
Well, when I've got my dev team together and the MMO up and running I intend to only have maintenance during US prime time. That's 7PM EST - 1AM PST, yes I know it's two different time zones, I fully intend payback.