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02-19-2010, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by Cheesey
Yeah im sure theres some /bind method but im nto good with those I currently have attack my target set to mouse 4 to make everyone attack one target and let me deal with others.
No one knows. I've come to that conclusion after 3 fruitless weeks trying to find out how to simply bind my dang "create waypoint" button to a key (See link in my sig for my frustrating quest)

the ONLY command I've been able to give my bridge officers with a keybind is 'Everyone attack my target" - which is in the default keybind list...nothing else is...not passive mode, not individual bridge officers' commands, not set waypoints, not clear waypoints, nothing.

You can do them with interface buttons...but apparently whoever designed that part of the interface is either dead, on extended vacation, or doesn't know we're desperately wanting to know how to keybind his buttons.