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09-26-2008, 11:09 AM
Thanks Cryptic for the FAQ answers.

I like that you're making space a vast area, but keeping it fun and playable is a big plus as well.

Starships are massive and I'm sure hoping that you can keep that promise alive that they'll be massive in-game and to scale with smaller ships. The larger classes truly should dwarf the smaller classes. So many games that's not the case.

Log entries...woot!

That's been a question I've had ever since I learned about STO when PE had it. How are they going to make current-era players keep in line with the future ideals set forth by Gene Rodenberry (mainly ref to Federation players here). It seems that so many do not hold these ideals he has set in ST to their own everyday ideals. How do you make someone in game terms stay in line with that?

Examples: A Federation ship (read: player) is on patrol (doing a mission) and a urgent distress call comes in from a merchant vessel in trouble. Does the real life player do what a Federation captain should do? How is that policed? If the player ignores the distress call (out of ignorance of Star Trek or just pure greed to finish his earlier mission), that would have the most SEVERE of consequences to a captain of Starfleet. How does Cryptic manage this? I guess we'll find out someday!