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02-19-2010, 01:58 PM
/signed - mostly because I dislike the very limited amount of native customization to the UI.

Dear Cryptic (and MODers),

Usually when one thinks of a gamer, they envision a very nimble-fingered, sharp-eyed person. Do I fit that bill? Nope! I’m a half-blind, monkey-pawed person who is finding that the very limited customization of STO’s UI severely hampering to the fun factor, especially as I advance in levels and have more things to manage. MODs could help with this... OR, alternatively, the STO basic UI could have greater customization... either would really increase my enjoyment of the game.

Things that I’d like to see from either a MOD or STO:
• Scalable/Hide options for the Ships Weapons
• Scalable Team Status (smaller or larger)
• Scalable Personal Status (smaller or larger)
• Vertical/Horizontal options of Ships Throttle
• Scalable Ship Throttle (smaller or larger)
• Vertical/Horizontal options of Personal Tray
• Detached Personal Tray bars (3 trays = 3 bars at different locations around the HUD)
• Scalable Ship Hull, Shield and Crew Status (smaller)
• Scalable/Hide options Ship Power Level
• Ability to have 3 Personal Trays, Ship Weapons, and Bridge Crew up all at the same time
• Scalable Bridge Crew