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02-19-2010, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by Katarine
The ones on the Exchange are outrageously priced. It is almost as if Cryptic is working with the 'Gold Sellers', as even at RA5 I only have just under 300K Energy Credits & the only way to get some on the exchange is to 'buy Gold'.
No, you just need to sell your drops, remember high prices go both ways. If the asking prices for things you want are high so are the asking prices for things you DON'T want. There are plenty of high value items (in particular consoles that aren't available through badges tend to be pretty valuable) so check the sale value of your items before you vendor them. If all else fails spend some time farming data anomalies and sell those. If you do it in the lower level exploration sectors you'll get the green and light blue ones which are pretty valuable (going for about 6K each when I was buying them last night). As with most MMOs if you limit your market activities to buying then you will always be poor.

As a side note, the energy credit economy is purely inflationary so prices will only ever go up.