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02-19-2010, 03:34 PM
I noticed this issue last night as well, (and I had recently bought a Runabout at DS9 as well not sure how that plays into this hehe).

However I noticed when I logged in after the patch that the tooltip for the shields on my Research Science Vessel and some that I had in my bag were different than what they were when I logged out (I noticed because I had been comparing a shield upgrade). The shields on my ship had said around 7200 the night before and were 2300 when I logged in. I also noticed that when I looked at my ships specs with the shields in place the specs had the 7200 the correct amount but the tool tip was still wrong. So I just went along that it was probably a bug in the tool tips.

However I did notice that after upgrading to a Long Range Science Vessel and moving my shields the tool tips went back to the correct numbers. (I noticed this a little while after so I'm not sure when the tool tips went back to the correct numbers)

Anyway just wanted to validate the OP in that there is some bug that is causing the shield tool tips to display the wrong shield number.