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# 150 Reminisce and PVP thoughts
09-26-2008, 02:29 PM
Does anyone else remember watching Star Trek when it was on during Prime Time on NBC? Of course, most people were watching it on black and white TV's a the time and the second youngest in the family was designated as the remote control, while the youngest was the auxiliary antenna. Yep - in those days you had to get up to change the channel. Remember that noise? Chunk Chunk Chunk. Oh UHF? Ratatatatatatatata That's back when phones had cords and actual dials. (My kids have never seen a dial phone - isn't that weird?)

OK. PVP. I think that if you beat someone in PVP combat, that you should be allowed to salvage what's left of the ship. Ideally, you would use combat methods which would not entirely destroy your opponent but bleed off his energy and destroy critical systems to the point where you could tow him in. In contrast, in a war situation (PVE) you would want to destroy your enemy and move to the next objective.

I am guessing that Energy will be the essence of combat. Each ship probably generates so much energy and as Captain you need to decide where it goes. (I wonder if we'll be able to play Orion ships?) This concept was used heavily in the game Star Fleet Battles and ended up with a very logical and workable system.

In most combat situations ships need to slow down to sub-light for meaningful combat since if you are going beyond light speed, you are limited pretty much to a straight line. I am not sure what Einstien would say if you fired a light based weapon forward when you travel at the speed of light. I am pretty sure that the weapon would end up behind you since at warp speed you can't actually traverse through all of the space, but a bent facsimile, unless your space warp extended ahead of the ship. Again though, you would be limited to a straight line.

The concept of multiple dimensions is common in the star trek universe, and fortunately it lends itself perfectly well to the actual mechanics of MMPOG. Each dimension could easily be its' own zone or set of zones. What a great setting for an MMPOG setting - you can use extra dimensions to change story lines, explore what-if's and who knows what else.

I love the idea of star ship combat, but if I am on a planet and I hear of a ship approaching at high warp - I am just getting the hell out of there.

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