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02-19-2010, 04:10 PM
Shields and impulse engine numbers displayed on tooltips were bugged for me about two weeks ago. I bought a T4 cruiser to use, but I then bought a T4 escort as the T4 cruiser's turn rate was exasperating. I realized my character was not well suited in skills for an escort so I set my T4 cruiser as my main ship again. The tooltips for shields and impulse engines were bugged in that they displayed the escort values instead of the cruiser values. I then bought a T4 science ship to see if that was okay. The shield and engine tooltips displayed for the science vessel. I again went back to the cruiser and this time the science ship values were still showing on tooltips while I was actually flying my cruiser around.

My assumption is that whatever the last ship class you bought determines what shield and engine tooltip values you see rather than being determined by the ship you have set as primary/current.

I don't know if this was fixed as I've stayed away from dabbling in ship types since I noticed this bug. It's fairly easy to test.