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02-19-2010, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Kevscar View Post
2 possible reasons.
1 Weapon energy deplted due to mass firing.
2 Some enemy ships appear to have the power to reset your cooldown timers on everything not just weapons. Only started to happen when I entered cardasian Space.
Torpedoes and Mines do not "use" Weapon Power.
Running at 50 Weapon Power in a Miranda or Constitution Refit there is simply no way (not even with Energy Siphon multi-stacks) to run out of Weapon Power (down to zero).

And as might be implied from mentioning Miranda and Constitution Refit classes, I'm not talking about Cardassian Space ... I'm talking about Sirius and Regulus Sectors. Don't think there's too many "reset your cooldown timers" abilities on the PvE ships in those areas ... :p