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02-19-2010, 04:22 PM
Tricobalt torp, cooldown 1 min. when the cooldown is up, its a wohoo moment for me, ill swing round my cruiser and nothing comes out. doesnt happen all the time.

I have since took my tricobalt out as much as I love it (hit a borg cube for 30k) I'v noticed that when im in B'tran cluster doing explore missions the npc ships were shooting down my torps with some ease, now even a good pvp'er can get caught out in close range but npc's dont sleep, iv launched as close as 2k to see it shot down, thats when i decided its just not worth it atm.

weird thing is it wasnt doing it against the borg in the space encounters.... anyone else seen this happen? if its just bad luck or something i'd fit it back in.