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02-19-2010, 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Conman View Post
nope.... that sucks too because they said we would be able to train and trade them...
Apparently what they meant is you'd be able to trade whatever spare BO's you've got in your assignments tab that haven't joined your crew yet, or train yours or someone else's BO's (as long as they're of the same department field as you).

I haven't actually tried trading BO's as in physically handing it off from one captain to another, but I imagine it's no different than how you place them in the AH/Exchange.

To train your own BO, first it must be of the same department field as you, and second, you must have a skill maxed out in order to train. For example, To train an engineer Recharge Shields III, you must also be an engineer and max out Engineering: Personal Shields.

I haven't tried to train anyone else's BO yet, but I imagine it has to have the same prerequisites (needs to be the same department as you (the trainer), and you must have a skill maxed out that you can give to that department type. I'm not sure how the interface would work since I don't think you can place BO's that have joined a crew already in the trade window for training.

I also haven't really seen any skills worth training since they all seem to be level III versions of basic skills.