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02-19-2010, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Warmaker01 View Post
They can TALK all they want as to ho much they love Klingons, but the live version of the game says otherwise. What's been done in all the patches since going live speaks volumes also as to how much "They love Klingons."
Originally Posted by Spearhawk2009 View Post
Wait? For what? Wait to play until PvE content is put in? Cause once you hit admiral the PvE stuff at Lt C wont matter to you anything....why release a faction that has basically only PvP to rely on for levelling...its wrong..

and they don't hate us, they are just incompetent...
It's no secret that Cryptic did a rush job with the Klingons and EVERYTHING about them are nothing but carbon copies of a Federation with another skin. And people easily forget that Cryptic intended Klingons to be Pure PvP. It's just they greatly miscalculated player's interest.

But they dropped the ball in making everyone else level so quickly and burn through all the content in a short time to want to expand.

Frankly, I have a good number of ideas that Cryptic could do to the Klingons that make them a faction that's seperate and just a carbon copy of the Federation. Klingons need to be seperate: Seperate weapons, seperate skills, seperate abilities.