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# 1 Need more BoFF Ensign skills
02-19-2010, 07:45 PM
I have been going back and forth, back and forth trying to come up with a set of skills for my two Engineering BoFF's that do not double up or cause a cooldown on an un-used skill. In the last few days I have discovered that it is not possible. There are only 5 Ensign Engineering Space skills; four of which will experience a cooldown if one of the four corresponding Lieutenant level skills are activated. For instance when I activate Emergency Power to Shields II my Emergency Power to Weapons I goes into cool down. Now I have noticed that during space combat there is this cooldown of certain skills but that does not happen on the ground.

For instance I accidentally had CoverShield I and CoverShield II on the same BoFF and he would create two cover shields sometimes one on top the other. Once he had his back to the wall and create a cover 45 degrees to his left and then another one 45 degrees to his right literally boxing himself in against a wall. I was like you "dufus" how are we supposed to get cover and now you can't even help us shoot from back there.

I am not complaining about the existing skills, I would just like to see more available skills that are not affected by other skills. I mean if I have currently 6 slots for Engineering skills I'd like the chance to use 6 different skills and not have to choose between on or the other because of the cool down.

I am not sure if Tactical and Science BoFF's are affected the same since my ship only allows for one of each. When I make a couple ALT's then I will see if that becomes a problem.