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02-19-2010, 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by Xanatari
I'll go ahead and say that this wont happen, because in the years CoH has been out they haven't done it. This tells me it's more than likely not possible with the current engine. We must also consider how fundamentally broken many key aspects of the game are. Adding new major features is not something I want to see when the game has major flaws even now.
The key is, with an UI sandbox, addon authors can FIX many of the problems in their addons...and then Cryptic can incorporate the fixes into the vanilla UI...thats the way Blizzard does it with WOW...the best addon features eventually get incorporated into the game.

And if it was implemented as addons/plugins, each user could pick and choose which setups he wants to try, until he finds the one that matches his playstyle.