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Hello all. I've tried researching this subject but I can't find much information. I'd like to ask how you build your away teams, and what seems to work best throughout the mid-to-later levels. I have a Commander 1 (tactical) and now a Lt. Commander 1 (science) as my characters. For both of them, I've been doing 2 tactical, 2 science, and one engineer as the standard away team makeup.

I like this for my Commander, because I play one of the tactical officers, and I use Focus Fire, Target Optics, Plasma Grenade (if my science officer manages to root a group), etc. But for my science Lt. Commander, I don't know if this is the best setup. Here's what I am doing:

1 science officer is straight heals (bridge officer)
1 science officer for debuffs/control (which is me)
1 engineer with Mine Barrier and Phaser Turret
1 tactical with Photon Grenade and Target Optics (seems to work okay)
1 tactical with Draw Fire and Suppressing Fire <<<<not so sure about this guy

I should say that, so far anyway, I don't have much trouble with ground combat. I tend to order my team to focus fire on one target at a time, I use Mind Meld on the swordmasters and the tough's working fine and I rather enjoy ground missions. I just feel that the last tactical officer doesn't do much for the team. He uses Draw Fire randomly, it doesn't pull aggro from my healer, or from me for that matter. I wonder if I'd be better off with a second engineer, or even a third science officer. But I do think Overwatch could be useful when I get to tier 3.

So if my last tactical guy doesn't seem to do a whole lot, but doesn't hurt either, would you suggest I stick with him till the higher levels? Or do you have any other recommendations for group makeup? Thanks in advance.