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02-19-2010, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by DrArcanus View Post
So I am curious, how much am I gimping myself if I only ever train up some skills from new BO's, and I otherwise keep the ones I started with (or most of them anyway)? I ask because in RP terms I like the idea of having at least a few of my officers being characters with whom I journeyed and leveled up, from day one. Kirk didn't replace Spock, Picard didn't replace Riker, etc. My highest character is just Commmander 1, and so far I haven't replaced any BO's on him since the very early LT levels. Is it feasible to keep it that way till the end game? Thanks in advance.
I'm a bit the same way, but have a feasible solution. When I find a matching branch/species/gender BO (say I originally had a common male Klingon Tactical officer, and just got a drop for a rare male Klingon Tactical Officer), then I go ahead and save the cosume of my original, pull their gear, and delete them. The new officer is renamed, costume is loaded from the previous one, and gear is added back on. If any of the skills they lost were "must haves", then I retrain them in those skills.