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02-19-2010, 11:56 PM
as far as i know of they do, check the combat log because the visual at times are not accurate representation of the actual number of torpedoes... this is part of the reason why phantom torpedoes coming from you also occur at times, torpedoes that visually look normal but don't actually exist damage wise and for all intent and purpose are purely visual FX.

the highest i know of is them firing yield III (4 torpedoes) then 4-5 seconds delay and normal torpedo shot (1 torpedo) which is replicable with our own ship if you have access to high yield III.

the point there i would think is that in an MMO you avoid a single powerful damage spike if at all possible and divide it into damage pulses instead. Otherwise you attach other disadvantage or limiting factor to it (which is what they did to plasma and tricobalt but probably done too much to them).

It's common sense because an MMO has to build some sort of internal resistance to lag and latency that the players may have and single fast high damage spike makes that more difficult.