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Originally Posted by malize View Post
That's how Sisco felt when he did that mission.

The truth is that Garak was always in control, it was his element. Sisco's inputs were merely slight of hand.
I would say the whole comparison with "In The Pale Moonlight" does not work for the following reasons:
  • Sisko ultimately got what he wanted
  • Garak works what he believes are Siskos interests, not his own
  • Garak warns Sisko (suggestively) about what is going to happen if he gets involved
  • Sisko gets very upset about the Death of a dozen or so Romulans, although that may very well be the only way to save the Federadion, the Klingon Empire and probably even the Romulan Empire. That's what at the heart of the story. He does not want to utilize people in that way and would not have traded 12 lives for some trillion others, if Garak had asked him directly.

In contrast, Zelle/8472 has her own agenda and uses the player. The objective the player wants to achieve was never possible. We must fight through tons of Romulan enemies just for aiding the common Enemy. As a result there is rather more alianation between the Federation and the Romulans (actually there should be war).