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02-20-2010, 02:07 AM
Hey guys, I'm having problems installing STO on my 13in MacBook Pro. I was going to try a buddy key, and just finished downloading the client via a torrent. I ran the installer just now through, and it went on for a bit until it tried to execute the DIRECTX installer. It stood still there for over an hour, I think, so I canceled the installation.
Since then, I can't get the option to install STO from the setup.exe again! =( When I start, it shows the login screen, but naturally I can't do anything from there since STO is not installed. Any suggestions on how I can "reset STO to uninstalled"?

Many thanks for any advice, and eternal gratitude to doh123 for this awesome workaround! (At least I assume it's awesome I'm counting on being blown away once I get it working!)