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02-20-2010, 02:32 AM
Originally Posted by kuggy
Nice work, it is appreciated.

Had a question. You mention, for say, that impulse engines [turn] is +1. As a cruiser t5, I notice engines without turn modifier is 4.5, with is 4.8, and double [turn] is 5.1

Have you any chance figured out how the +1 breaks down into what seems to be .3 increases? Seems to be, on my end, less than +1 turning per modifier of it. Or another example of funky cryptic math?
I was using info from the exchange, which **SHOULD** not be effected by ship type, tier or skills.

Once the item is equipped all those adjustments happen. I saw that some engines showed up to +19 Turn Rate, but that the engine I have equipped of similar Mark showed much less. Therefore my T5 Assault Cruiser must be scaling that number by the base turn rate and the various captain skills that effect it.

At T5 it seems to be 0.3 increase in turn rate, but at T4 it was a 0.4 increase in turn rate per [Turn] applied to the engines. Did not notice what the turn rate adjustment was at T3 since i had not begun compiling any information at that time. But then again that is for Cruisers. The numbers for an escort or science ship will probably be scaled based upon the base turn rate of that ship (or perhaps now it is inertia?)

I really wish that Cryptic gave us the final numbers for things like Flight Speed, Flight Turn Rate, Full Impulse Speed, etc on our ship status window like they do for resistances and hull etc. And perhaps showed base & effective values regardless of if in sector space, system space or ground.