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02-20-2010, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by clearymonkey View Post
Hello USS Parallax,

To what openness are your refering too? I am very much enjoying the openess of ideas and thoughts within this fleet. I have always felt open to share my ideas and thoughts with the UFP family and not everything is always agreed upon, but my ideas are shared and put out there for the fleet to discuss and think about.

Its alot of fun being in such a warm and friendly fleet. I am loving our Team Speak channel, I never used it before until last week and since then I have been jumping on whenever I can just to chat with fleet members who have common interests!

Hope everyone is enjoying STO as much as I am. First MMORPG and loving it!
I have to second what you said ClearyMonkey. I have have had no such issues as you posted Parallax. Not every Fleet will be a good fit for everyone. I wish you luck finding yours.

On to STO . . . This is also my first MMO and I'm having a blast!! Hanging out with my fellow {UFP}'ers and having fun and killing tango's. I'll see you tonight when I get home from work.