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02-20-2010, 05:05 AM
Parallax, the problem is we can't have people flaming up the forums, it doesn't do you any good (other than perhaps make you feel better for a short time), and it doesn't do either the target person or those watching the whole thing any good either.

Several times you were told that if you wanted to raise a complaint, there was a way in which you could do that, by speaking to someone who could look into the matter and make sure it was seen to. That's having your say, that's having something get done about it, and that's keeping the peace... especially when disrupting it is over something which is fairly trivial.

If that above paragraph makes you feel like we have a stifling environment, well I hope you find where you're looking for, but I don't doubt it will be a riot of a location. I still believe with just a bit of restraint your membership could have continued unabated... we've all gotta exercise a bit of self-restraint in our lives after all.

We have almost 8 years of fleet leadership and community under our belt. It's been a long and sometimes difficult road to travel, and while I will never say our fleet is perfect, as we always strive to improve, I am very proud and content with how we work. Thankfully so are the vast majority of our members, past and present.

I also want to iterate an important point to anyone else reading this. Parallax was not kicked from the fleet. We're not that unforgiving and we understand everyone is different. Obviously we all have to cohabit together and therefore fall under the same rules and regs, but at the same time we're here to help people get the best experience possible via the fleet. If that takes a little extra work for some people (and you know who you are), then so be it. We're willing to be patient and try a little harder sometimes.
But in any case, good luck in your new fleet.