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02-20-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by Amialis View Post
And hopefully in time it will, but asking for a pvp system, in a pve game no less, that is more then rudimentry at the start is kind of silly to me.

People complaining their is no fleet action pvp, no less then a few weeks after release, is kind of silly as well.

If anything before adding in more pvp varieties they have to address the pvp queuing system that causes many teams to become incomplete at the start, as well as finding a way to address the population imabalance.
If these arent adressed it doesnt matter what pvp varieties they have...
I don't really disagree with you on this, but I think the complaints are valid, and the only way Cryptic will ADD those things eventually is if people request them. While I think it would be silly to expect those things to happen any time soon, it's quite reasonable to complain about their absence in the meantime.

Of course there is productive complaints and non-productive ones, but that's another argument entirely.