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Originally Posted by DrArcanus View Post
So I am curious, how much am I gimping myself if I only ever train up some skills from new BO's, and I otherwise keep the ones I started with (or most of them anyway)? I ask because in RP terms I like the idea of having at least a few of my officers being characters with whom I journeyed and leveled up, from day one. Kirk didn't replace Spock, Picard didn't replace Riker, etc. My highest character is just Commmander 1, and so far I haven't replaced any BO's on him since the very early LT levels. Is it feasible to keep it that way till the end game? Thanks in advance.
It's feasible, but in the overall scheme of things you're really gimping yourself.

There are many races with unique traits that you may like much more than the "default" bridge officers you get. Some of these traits aren't that useful but some are incredibly powerful when you build your team around them.

For example, Betazoids make excellent healers because of their Spiritual trait which adds bonuses to healing and being healed. If you get one with a Superior kits ability that's even more healing power. They also get a Placate ability that will put an enemy to sleep.

Bajorans make excellent soldiers because of their high damage resistance and occasional Soldier trait.

Vulcans (my favorite) get Mind Meld and sometimes Nerve Pinch. If you're really lucky you can get one with Mind Meld AND Nerve Pinch.

Alien or Unknown races can have almost any trait combination from the character generator.

There's a real benefit to ground combat if you pay attention to the traits that your officers have and plan your tactics around them. A full Bajoran crew may not need as much damage resistance armor and could wear crit armor instead, or you could stack high resistance armor for more survivability.

Once your ship gets more slots you can have many different bridge officers (you could use some for space and some for ground exclusively, which is what I do). Or you could variations of ground crew that you send when you know what you're up against.

There's a lot of customization there if you take the time to look. A lot of people don't, and think ground combat is too easy. They also always take one of each type, but you don't need to do that either. Experiment with different crew class make ups and you'll find one that you like a lot more. I don't even use a Tactical officer on the ground, but that's my play style and group make up.

When you have a well oiled ground crew you're pretty much unstoppable.