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02-20-2010, 07:43 AM
I agree with the OP.

Cryptic's PvE is not that exciting. You wanna know what Klingon PvE is going to be like? Easy enough: zone in, shoot anything that's shootable and click anything that blinks. The difficulty will be tuned so that the below-average gamer can complete it, which means it's going to be mind numbingly boring for the rest of us.

You're going to get PvE which is even duller than your 300th run of Cracked Planet, you're going to level past it in 3 days if you don't simply get bored with it first.

It's a waste of development time.

What we need is more/better PvP. Yes, doing your 300th deathmatch can get boring, but the solution is to add more maps and more gametypes, especially bigger, more complex games that have some strategy to them. Cryptic style PvE is not a solution.