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just need to check if other ppl think so as well.

i am sure we'll all run with reverse shield polarity if we can, it is simply the BEST ENG power there is, effectively it is god mode for 15 seconds.

now the question is, if one look at power description in the power window, it actually dont say what skill improves this power, either is there is magnitude or duration for which it can be improved on. the magnitude is always 100% damage converted to shield (at least i think so, otherwise there is no easy way to tell); and the duration is simply linked to the rank of the power. however the skill windows seem to say that the skill shield performance (t4 skill) improves this power. i am not sure what is right?

if you are not running ENG captain, there is no reason to take this skill, so if it is possible i would rather skilp it and save these skill points for something else.