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# 21 I agree
02-20-2010, 09:03 AM
The city on the edge of never mission is another example. You are pretty much lead my the nose to kill what's in front of you while outdated ships almost kick your butt. Compared to the original episode it was derived from it was a huge disappointment.It seems they had a very low intelligence expectation from their players and severely underestimated the fan base.

You don't take a geek fan base and underestimate their intelligence!

But on "Breaking the planet" I had a hoot as the mission was a shoot em up mission from the ground up. You did what you were meant to do in that mission. Blow things up, kill things, and fend off wave after wave of attackers. IMO it was very well done and it went off as intended.

The Devs need to make a decision as to what kind of mission they are designing and then provide the options to players as to how to resolve it. Give players choices in advance too. You speak to admiral Quinn for example to get general missions and then another for combat missions and another yet for exploration etc. (there is a bit of that in there now which is why I am mentioning it)