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02-20-2010, 09:35 AM
ofc i've checked the search...

there is exactly 13 post about them of which only about half are of any use.

all of them dont have anything definitive to say about RSP. like i said, i assume the percentage damage converted to shield is the same, and there is no easy way to test this. everyone had assumed that the bonus to shield increase with skills but since there is no tooltip or power skill description to compare. no one knows, and i can only take this as a guess.

since the power info window dont actually say what skill boost RSP, i can only have an educated guess at what these skill are. keeping in mind that the some skills in the skills windows do have the wrong description, for example, "mask energy signature" have different skills (in completely different part of the skill tree) if you either look at the power window or the skill window.