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02-20-2010, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Amialis View Post
And hopefully in time it will, but asking for a pvp system, in a pve game no less, that is more then rudimentry at the start is kind of silly to me.

People complaining their is no fleet action pvp, no less then a few weeks after release, is kind of silly as well.

If anything before adding in more pvp varieties they have to address the pvp queuing system that causes many teams to become incomplete at the start, as well as finding a way to address the population imabalance.
If these arent adressed it doesnt matter what pvp varieties they have...
Personally I think you're being silly blindly defending Cryptic.

They knew there was going to be PvP very early on, so there's no excuse for not having thought out the PvP systems better. They've also had more than ample time to come up with content for us. That they failed to listen to the real Klingon community that was following the game and telling them they needed to have Klingon content besides just PvP is their fault.

The MAIN reasons for the population imbalance is because of them advertising that the Klingon side is "all about PvP", and the lack of content on the Klingon side. That they can't see that mistake for what it is is also their fault.

To the OP, the reason people are asking for Klingon PvE is because most mmo players want a variety. They're not "PvPers" or "PvEers". They want both, and they want sufficient amounts of both. PvP is fun, but it turns boring to most people if they have to do it too much, just like PvE does to them if they have to do it too much.