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02-20-2010, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by El Cid

What Hagon said. Cryptic decided to shorten their development cycle by 2 years. This was unfortunate, because while coding an engine does take a lot of work and time, putting a storyline worth its salt also takes a lot of work and time. And before you can config and develop an engine to your game, there needs to be a solid storyline in place. Star Trek is not only about the Federation, but about the collection of races and the political relationships of the UFP with the other polities in the quadrants.

For whatever reasons, Cryptic decided to do only 16-20%, in my estimate, of the storyline for launch. Claiming expansion as excuse is good for only so far, but given how shallow the Klingon faction currently is, someone apparently blew the timetable by large fubar factors. If there had been a storyline of sufficient detail, this would not have been so glaringly obvious.

Marketing has been going into serious damage control after all this, and even then long patches of silence are all the answer we receive in reply for our most elemental query: why?

It's one thing to build expansion material when supplied with a solid detailed story to direct it. Quite another when there is only the faintest trail of a story. Storyline theme is a key factor to MMO development. It not only offers content for the players, but also gives cohesive direction for the developers.

I can only imagine they decided they had to get their game out before star wars the old republic had to get people commited enough so when a better game came out everyone doesn't just leave.