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02-20-2010, 12:55 PM
Story: The Klingons have disabled a Federation freighter carrying rare power cores through the neutral zone and, in one of those weird coincidences, the Feds have done the same with a Klingon freighter. It is up to the ship captains of each side to rescure back their power cores, while preventing the other side from doing the same.

Rules: A disabled freighter carrying power cores serves as each side's "flag holder" and spawns about 20km to one side from their home spawn-point starbases. The opposing side must come within 2km to beam up the power core; the ship that does this is considered the "flag carrier." First side to 3 captures wins.

The flag carrier must return the power core to his or her own starbase. It does not matter whether or not the other side has also stolen a power core; there are no "flag stalemates" here. If the flag carrier is destroyed, the core is ejected into space, to be re-grabbed by a friendly or else transported back to the freighter by a defender.

The flag carrier pulses with power and always appears on everyone's sensors no matter how far away.

Full Impulse is disabled for the flag carrier. The carrier will need protection from his or her friends to make it back safely. They may still use other tricks to increase their speed such as Evasive Maneuvers and engine batteries.

In order to placate Fed whin-- er I mean, those concerned with Fed balance ( ) cloak is disabled 10km from the disabled freighters due to the power fluctuations given by the cores. Similarly, cloak is disabled for the flag carrier.

Starbases are defended by NPC turrets, but the freighters are not. It is up to the players to properly balance flag guards vs. attackers.