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02-20-2010, 12:01 PM
Kirk had kneehigh boots and tight pants.

As does Scottie in your second pic.

The list is as follows:
  • Female top and lowered sash for females
  • Kirk top (sleeveless gold)
  • Men's knee high boots (as mirror Kirk and Scottie wore)
  • "blueshirt" tops (as pictured behind your first pic, behind mirror Spock and Kirk - this wouldn't likely be a highly sought top and can likely be skipped)
  • Terran logo for TOS top (as per mirror Scottie & Bones)
  • Terran rank insignia (both seen easily on mirror Spock, Bones, and Scottie)
I know it wasn't promised, but I personally would like to see ISS designations and Terran logos available for the CU lifer's ships.

Incidentally, I'm hopeful that non-TOS MU gear becomes achievable in-game and in C-Store, but never TOS (or at least, never Spock TOS MU), I'd not have any issue with others getting Enterprise or later gen mirror gear or even ISS designations in a sensible in-game and C-Store manner, I just want to be recognizable for my unique rewards.