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# 5 Issue with graphics
02-20-2010, 03:54 PM
This particular bug appears to be related to one of two issues that as yet can only be resolved one way.

The reason you're seeing a black wall is, the level has static shadows that the settings low or off don't seem to be turning off. Instead, it's applying *one* shadow where there would be many different shadows for objects. This one shadow is the black you see.

Solution: Set number of shadows higher and/or increase the number of lights per object to more than 3.

Cryptic will probably address this problem in the near future.

If you find shadows are disappearing and re-appearing, increase the number of lights. If you find shadows are obstructing things, increase the number of shadows....Think of it like the polygons on objects in space. The farther away you get from the object, the less detail it will retain (to save rendering costs on your GPU). These problems usually fix themselves when you get close because they are rendering higher definition effects.