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02-20-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by gnarly365 View Post
So I have a couple of spare BOs now. One of them has viral matrix as a skill which I believe is pretty good. Even though my BOs are currently too low a rank to use the skill can I still train it? Can I train more than one skill from my new BO or does it replace all of the old skills with the new BOs or do i get to pick and choose? What happens to the new uncommisioned BO? can i trade him or do I loose him? and btw htf do I trade BOs???

Lots of questions but I'd rathewr not screw this up I like my current BOs just not sure what skills I should be getting them. Only just about to hit LTCOMD in my cruiser so have 2 Eng offrs atm on my roster rdy for the upgrade.
You can use a new BoFF that you have not asked to join your crew to train one of you BoFF's that is on your crew. You can only have that new BoFF train one of your BoFF with only one of its skills. Once that new BoFF has trained your BoFF you will loose that new BoFF. You can have the new BoFF train any level skill to your current BoFF even if your current BoFF is not of that rank yet.

I am not sure what rank you are at but I think at Lieutenant you can only have 4 BoFF's on crew then at Lieutenant Commander you get to have 6, Commander 8, and at Rear Admiral you get to have 10. So you can either hang on to that new BoFF until you have more crew slots or let that new BoFF train one of your existing BoFF's.

As far as BoFF's are concerned you will receive way more BoFF's rewards than you will ever need or can use on your crew. The only thing is they might not all have skills you want to use.