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02-20-2010, 11:28 PM
I wholly agree. Checking out new UI mods is one of the things that keeps WoW fresh. It is an activity that keeps people enthused about the game even when they aren't actually playing it. A player that has something new to look at after a year (and has control of it, no less!) is less likely to get bored -- and less likely to unsubscribe as a result.

The customer is entertained, somebody else did the work, and Cryptic gets the money.

About 15 years ago I started running a hobby game store -- now I run a chain of them. It is absolute truth that what keeps a product line selling for years after its introduction is not the smiling faces of your employees -- it's the volunteer enthusiast that donates his time to keep it alive. If I lost all my employees, I'd be sad but I could replace them. If I lost all of my volunteers, then for each one, a line of products would stop selling.

If you give the creative enthusiast an opportunity, he will spread his enthusiasm to others. If you tell him to shut up and stop bugging you about running a game, he'll go elsewhere and someone else will reap the benefits of his motivation.