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02-20-2010, 11:37 PM
Originally Posted by Zetes
I did recognize that the mission was a salute to the DS9 episode. Sadly it doesn't make it any less pointless or irritating. Fetch quests in MMO's are not what anyone could call variety.

I don't mind a fetch quest and the fact that it is taken from a DS9 episode is cool. But, as a game mechanic it is not fun at all. The cost is insanely high for such little reward. This is almost a joke that is being played to insult the players intelligence. I only know that the reward item is a rare item because I have not (and will not do this quest.

There are far better rare items on the Exchange and for much less the cost. Missions like this are reasons why Gamespots review labeled this game as "mediocre". This mission should be altered and done in a way that is more fun and rewarding.