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02-21-2010, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by febostaf View Post
i know but he got alot of votes [compaired to the numbers of voters we got]

i actually got a couple more for him AFTER the polls closed

he is one of thoes guys that browbeats you until you love him
LMAO its funny cause its true...

Alright, sorry i missed the coronation. Its like 4 in the morning...i just got home front drinking my ass off
SmashTV was celebrating downtown tonight...promoting the new video! We had tons of people buying us drinks was great!

what better way to celebrate my coronation!

That said, i'd like to thank everyone who participated! Of course its all in good fun, and i think everyone on these boards is pretty damn awesome!! i hope you show newcomers the same awesome treatment you show me! Visiting the boards is almost as fun as playing the damn game! which says al lot for the community! so cheers to everyone!

this would be longer...but i'm so very drunk lol....
thanks for the votes, thanks for the people who checked out my new UFO video!!! you guys all rock! have a great night!