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09-27-2008, 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by Vicelance View Post
So playable Horta will be in the game at some point?

Though I don't know how a living rock is going to pilot a ship or do anything else on board ship. Though I want one.

Nice to hear we can use any ship regardless of our specialty, so maybe I can have a medical specialty and still fly my Akira which would more likely be a tactical specialty ship,
I guess that depending on what you wanted to do with the ship, having a medical "sub" speciality isn't a problem. ST has historically taken a stance that mimics sections of the Geneva Convention, so in this case the Akira class ship, if being used for medical transport and ambulatory functions would then be de-weaponized...permanently.

If being a ship of the line with a "doctor" at the helm, it might make some decisions somewhat interesting. After all, first do no harm.