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# 1 Competative Controlled Sectors
02-21-2010, 03:36 AM
Here is a thought to make the game better and more interesting in the PvP world.

1) Create a series of sectors in or near the neutral zone that the Federation and Klingon can compete for control over.

2) Within the these space sectors will be systems in which high ranking players can purchase space stations for there Fleets to control, patrol, and protect against enemy invaders. This will give a opportunity for established fleets to show there stuff.

3) A system that is controlled by a fleet from the Federation or Klingon faction can place up to 4 stations in one system. Should that system become invaded a message will be sent out to all members of the controlling fleet that there controlled system is under attack. Should the opposing attacking faction destroy all bases, then a ground assault must take place on the planet.

4) After the bases are destroyed, the planet will contain a outpost base full of NPC security forces from the faction that had control over the system. The security force strength will determine on how much spent on security from the Fleet that had original control. Should the security be destroyed by the opposing faction. Then that opposing factional fleet will have full control over that system.

5) If you notice the color representation of each space sector is determined by who controls it. This is a great way to keep track of the purposed PvP zones. As more systems are controlled by the Federation that sector will gradually change colors to blue. As more systems are contolled by Kingons, then that sector turns red. Should a sector ever be fully controlled by a specific faction, then each fleet that has taken over a system with in that sector is given a special unique or rare reward.

6) Space Stations and Security Forces can be purchased by Captains and Admirals. Each rank that can purchase these items will have a different strength level and look. These items can be either purchased in the C-store as a marketing tool for PvP after unlocking a certain rank, or can be purchased in a Space station after you earned enough PvP medals.

If you like my idea I would like to hear from you, and maybe if there is enough of you to add your ideas or expand off this, we might see something simular in the future from the DEVS.