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02-21-2010, 02:55 AM
The situation with science team III as outlined by Dakirn is a bug no doubt.

With regards to the skilldescriptions being missleading, you are not missing anything, no.
They are indeed somewhat misleading when it comes to unlockable skills. I wouldn't call it a bug though, just unprecise, or let's say undifferentiated implementation.

With the prospect of seeing proper BO trading implemented at some point, it is actually a good thing that all character classes have the information with which skills any BO abilities are unlocked. Once/if comissioned BO-trading is implemented this will help players find the people who have the necessary skills trained that they are looking for.
Regardless of that though there should definitely be at least a notion in the skill tree/on the individual skills making it clear whether you can unlock them or not considering your character class.