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02-21-2010, 07:36 AM
Ever since using the in-game video adjustments, under the troubleshooting tab, I have experienced much lower temperatures and have sacrificed very little, if virtually, any visual quality in the game, which is awesome. My CPU (AMD Phenom II 940) runs at about 35 Celsius and my GPU hits about 75, which is a very impressive temperature, when running a BFG GTX 285 OCX (1 GB). I'm very impressed with Cryptic, in providing those advanced video options. WAY TO GO!!
There's something that I would like to add, and that is, I personally don't recommend underclocking or adjusting the fan speed, on a GPU that is brand new, that carries a warranty with specific guidlines. Although it may alleviate excessive heat problems, it can also void warranties. For example, adjusting those settings and then for some reason, the card malfunctions and dies out, could leave someone stuck with a dead card and no warranty coverage.
BFG carries a line of awesome graphics cards, but doesnt support underclocking or adjusting anything
else, in their warranty coverage, unless it is a software or utility that is provided by them (Or at least, this is my understanding). And I have yet to find any software or utility provided by them, to make adjustments. But then again, there are GPU manufacturers out there, that allow you to make those particular adjustments.