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02-21-2010, 09:05 AM
What I like: All science team with AoE expose abilities and expose weapons, a couple with medical tricorder and you are set for the whole game. Just remember to equip AoE exploit weaponry yourself. Certain abilities do not stack well so do not set more than one BO with them. Examples: Gravimetric shift creates hold resistance (do not put it on more than one or two BOs), and apparently an enemy can only be debuffed by one instance of a given level of an ability at a time, so you can set one BO with tricorder scan I and another with Tricorder Scan II, and yourself with Tricorder Scan III if you are Science Captain. Same thing applies with Hyperonic Radiation I think.
I'm getting exposes constantly so I just vaporize enemies left right and centre, fights do not last long even against "bosses". It is not rare to vaporize a whole enemy group as fast as it takes me to fire secondary - switch weapon - fire secondary.